Sunday, March 21, 2010

Big Day!

Well, not only did Alea turn 6 weeks old yesterday, but New Moon came out on DVD!! What a big day! We definitely had a photo shoot with her awesome Team Edward shirt given to her by the sweet Karen Drennan! These pics are for you! ... and all those Edward lovers out there! :)

In honor of her turning 6 weeks old, I will tell you 6 new things about our sweet Alea!
1. I truly believe she has special powers. She can be upset and then all of a sudden she will start staring at the ceiling and start smiling and talking. I believe she sees angels! At least I know they are surrounding her! :)
2. Her other special power is the weather. I've decided her new nickname is Storm. She does an excellent job of rolling her eyes in the back of her head... and we have had snow 3 times since she was born. I mean, really? Snow on the first day of Spring???
3. I have started laying her on her activity gym. She enjoys it. You can tell she tries to move her arms and legs to touch the toys.

(This is the closest I've gotten to a smile on camera!)
4. You know she is in a deep sleep when she has both arms above her head!

5. She has started tracking her daddy and me with her eyes. She knows our voices and watches us walk away.
6. I guess #6 really isn't something new about her... but this week we are going to TRY to accomplish two BIG goals - feeding from a bottle (to get used to when I go back to school) and sleeping in her own room. The main word here being "try!" The bottle is most important. I know it is a lot to work towards in one week, but I've got to start sometime. So, say a little prayer for us!
Here are some more pictures I just couldn't leave out! :)

(This has to be one of my favorite faces she makes... she gets so excited!)

(And, then this is what we got... and I love this face, too! Look at that lip!!)
Then, last but not least, here is a picture of her just a day old, or maybe less!
And here is a picture of her at 6 weeks old! Look how big she's gotten!! I don't know what I would do without her!

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