Sunday, July 18, 2010

Big brother Zeus!

As most of you know, Zeus was our first child... our sweet bulldog! He came to us at the perfect time... when we needed him the most. I think he needed us at that point, too! Once we found out I was pregnant, one of my first thoughts was how Zeus would react to this new little person taking all of his attention. I have to say, after five months of having Alea, that he has done quite well. You can tell that he loves her. He will sniff her and lick her. And she LOVES him! She will just cackle at him. It is very fun to see. Now, I will say that he is a very jealous dog... and very protective, but I expected that. Everyone has adjusted how they need to, and Zeus is no different. We still love him very much! Here are some pictures to show how sweet they are together!

Zeus doing what he does best!!

The first picture taken of them together. Aren't they sweet??

Zeus will get right in her face... and she loves it!

My sweet babies! :)

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